The Wall Youth Climbing Team

The Wall's youth team is now accepting new members! Climbing is a challenging and rewarding sport, teaching athletes how to overcome obstacles both on and off the wall. Our qualified coaches create custom programs to help climbers achieve their personal goals all while  increasing confidence, fitness, and climbing ability.  You can even earn your ISPE credit!  Whether you’re just getting into climbing or already crushing, we’ve got a program that’s right for you.  Check out the descriptions below to see which one fits your needs, and don’t hesitate to contact us HERE if you’ve got any questions!

Interested in seeing what our youth programs are all about before joining?  Come to our next Open Practice in San Diego!

Please note: We don’t always have Open Practices available. If our teams are at capacity we’ll wait to host another Open Practice until we can accept new climbers. If you use the button above and nothing is available, it means we’re full! If you’d like to be put on the waitlist please use the form here and we’ll get in touch when we’ve got space.

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Try it Out!

The Wall’s Introductory team is a great way to see if climbing is the sport for you.  This course rotates on a 2 month curriculum, allowing climbers to gain some fundamental knowledge of the sport before moving on to the Recreational or Competitive teams. Interested in joining? Come to an Open Practice (above) and see everything the sport has to offer. The TIO team does not accept climbers mid-curriculum, so make sure to stay on top our Open Practice dates if you’d like to reserve a spot on this team.

Meets Wednesdays From 4:00-5:30 for 2 months

$240 (Includes 2 month Membership)

Recreational Team 

The Wall’s Recreational Team is for climbers interested in trying out a new sport in a fun, healthy, and friendly environment.  This team meets twice a week and gives climbers an opportunity to make new friends, improve their abilities, and stay fit.  Our coaches will introduce new techniques and give climbers a chance to put them to use every practice.  Practices involve minimal training and follows a simple curriculum throughout the year.                                                 

Meets Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6:30

$160/Month (Includes Membership)*

*$100 Optional Welcome Package

Competitive Team*

The Wall’s competitive team is for climbers looking to improve upon their existing abilities and take their climbing to the next level.  Built around USA Climbing’s schedule of competitions, this team is for serious climbers who enjoy a bit of friendly competition.  The competitive team focuses on gaining a competitive edge through both mental and physical training, along with technical instruction.  Practices are customized to fit each climber’s strengths and weakness and correlate with upcoming USAC competitions.  This team meets 3 times a week during climbing season and 2 times a week (at a discounted rate) in the off-season.  

*Our competitive team is currently on hiatus and not accepting new climbers, check back here for details this Fall.

Meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30-6:30

$200/Month (Includes Membership)*

*$100 Welcome Package Required (Includes team duffel, chalk bucket, and shirts)


Contact for more information!

Competitive Climbing Basics

Competitive climbing can be a somewhat confusing topic.  Unlike many other sports, climbing can be practiced either individually or in a team setting, but when it comes to competing, every climber is treated individually.  The competitive climbing scene in the US is governed by USA Climbing (USAC) and consists of 3 primary categories: bouldering, sport climbing, and speed climbing.  The Wall’s Competitive Team trains for bouldering and sport climbing.  

Sport Climbing

Climbers rope up and climb a series of routes.  Older competitors lead climb, bringing the rope up behind them and clipping it to the wall as they go.  Younger competitors are on top rope, meaning the rope is brought down from the top of the route and can catch a fall immediately.  Sport climbing season runs from February to July.  



Climbers use no ropes or harnesses and typically climb no higher than 18’, using pads underneath them for protection.  Bouldering allows for more difficult and gymnastic climbing, leading to routes that are often aesthetic and showy.  Bouldering season runs from September to February.  


USA Climbing

USA Climbing, or USAC, is the national governing body of competition climbing in the United States. They promote three competition disciplines: bouldering, sport, and speed climbing. 

Throughout the season, The Wall Youth Climbing Team will have a chance to travel to local and national gyms to compete against climbers of their age in all different settings.  For more information on how USA Climbing works or to view the calendar of competitions, head to The USAC Website.  

Anyone competing in a USAC competition must have a USAC membership or they will be charged a $5 day member fee.  Memberships are available online every season starting September 1st.  

Click Here for the USA Climbing competition schedule

* Please only fill out the Athlete Information Form if asked to do so by a coach *