Recurring Membership Terms and Conditions

Every new member is required to pay their initial prorated dues, initiation fee, and their first monthly recurring dues via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) unless otherwise specified. On the specified day of each month (typically the date of purchase) monthly dues as listed above will be paid to The Wall Climbing Gym LLC via EFT.

I understand that I must show proof of discounted status to receive a discounted membership price. I understand that couples and dependent add-ons must be billed to one credit card.

In the event of a declined EFT, I have 10 days to remit payment.  The Wall will notify me via email that my card declined.  After 10 days, a $10 bank decline fee will be charged to my account.

Cancellation and Freeze requests must be received 5 days prior to the billing date (listed above).  This EFT membership can be frozen for $8 per month.  All freezes and cancellations of recurring memberships go into effect the day of billing.  Cancellations and freezes can only be done at, also found under the Contact Us page.

I understand that, if using my personal credit card, I am permitted to invoice my account up to $15 above and beyond my monthly dues every month and I agree to settle any invoices posted to my account from the month prior.

I hereby authorize The Wall Climbing Gym LLC to initiate debit entries to the credit or debit card named above, and/or any adjustments for any debit entries made in error.   This authorization is to remain in full effect until The Wall Climbing Gym LLC has received written notification from me of its termination.  I have read and been advised of the Terms and Conditions of this membership and fully understand the membership agreement.  I have read, agreed to, and signed The Wall Climbing Gym Participant Agreement and Release of Liability. I have read and agree to abide by the ‘Gym Rules’ posted in the facility.  I understand that The Wall Climbing Gym LLC has the right to change membership dues at any point in time without prior notification.