Membership Changes Coming October 1st

Beginning October 1st we’ll be making a few changes to the way our membership pricing is structured.  Because you’re currently a member at The Wall this will likely affect you, so check out the changes and get in touch if you have any questions!  We know this is a lot of info, so look for the BOLD text to see what’s applicable to you.  Starting October 1st,

ALL Recurring Memberships will cost $70.  We’ve worked hard to keep our prices down over the 4 years we’ve been open (we actually dropped them last year!), but unfortunately our expenses have only gone up.  We want to ensure you have the best possible experience at The Wall and this change puts us in a better position to do so. A few notes:

  1. While EVERYONE’S dues will be reset to $70 starting October 1st, discounts still apply!  Our customer database has gotten a bit cluttered over the years and this will help us keep things in order.  We want to make sure everyone that currently receives a discount still will, so stop by the front desk before October and we’ll change your monthly dues.

  2. We’ll still be offering couples and family discounts, but the pricing is slightly different.  Come by the front desk if you fall into this category.

  3. These changes will be in effect for the October 1st billing; any new members this September will be set up at the new rates.

All ‘Discounted Customers’ will receive 10% off climbing purchases.  In an effort to simplify things we’re eliminating our ‘Discounted Memberships’ and offering a flat 10% discount.  This change may affect people a few different ways:

  1. ‘Discounted’ status will only apply to students, active military, and veterans with ID.  We’re pretty sure this is 90% of our Discounted Members already, but it makes things easier for us to track.  

  2. A student, active military, or veteran ID will get you 10% off any climbing related purchases - this means Day Passes, Punch Cards, and Memberships.  You MUST show ID to receive this discount.  Emails, Blackboard login, etc will no longer be accepted.

All Corporate Members will receive free rental gear for ONE month.  These memberships are the newest offering at The Wall and have done remarkably well.  We’ve loved seeing members pour in from surrounding businesses and fall in love with the sport, but our rental shoe fleet has taken a beating.  These rental shoes are meant for new climbers who want to experience the benefit of having a climbing shoe, but after spending a month at The Wall it’s typically a good time to pick up your own pair.  This will ensure our newest climbers get a fresh pair of rentals and our current members will see what a good pair of shoes can really do. We’ll still offer all members 10% off all climbing shoes purchases.

We’ll be reverifying all Free Memberships.  We’ve given out quite a few of these over the years and want to make sure they’re all still valid.  If you’re climbing for free right now make sure to bring proof of employment for re-verification after October.  You know who you are ;)

We really appreciate you all sticking with us over the years and we want to give something back as a sort of thank you.  To help ease everyone into this transition we’ll offer up a few things:

All Recurring Members can prepay their current dues for 6 months.  This allows for current members to stick with their current rate for a 6 month period.  If you’d like to go this route talk to a staff member and we can set you up, just remember to do this BEFORE October 1st.

We’ll host a Members Only BBQ on Monday, October 1st.  Come put your membership dues to work!  We’ll be grilling up all sorts of goodies this evening so swing by for a burger (and maybe some beer) and say hi!

All members can save $20/month by referring a friend!  Anytime you get a friend to sign up for a Recurring Membership you can get $20 off your next months dues.  Ask at the front desk for more details.

As always, we're here for you if you any questions, comments, or concerns.  And for those of you that breezed through most of this...

Too Long; Didn’t Read:  It’s been a while since we cleaned up our customer database and we need your help updating it.  For simplicity’s sake we’ll be resetting everyone’s membership dues to $70, so if you’re currently receiving a discount come by the desk sometime between now and October 1st and we can make any changes necessary.  Just don’t forget your student ID!

We'll see you on the wall soon!