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See everything that The Wall has to offer!

All guests must have a waiver on file

Is there anything I need to bring my first time?

We recommend a few things:

  • Fill out a waiver before coming in, especially if you have kids climbing! (Link can be found above)

  • Bring comfortable, athletic clothing

  • If you choose to wear your own shoes, they must be closed-toe

  • If you'd like to wear our rental shoes, we recommend bringing socks

What Does The Day Pass Include?

Day Passes include access to everything in the gym for the FULL DAY! You may come and go as you please and enjoy as much climbing, yoga, and fitness classes as you can handle.  

Is There An Age Minimum?

As long as your kid can walk they can climb! We have kids size shoes and youth routes to challenge your child.  We do ask that anyone under the age of 14 is supervised by an adult.  

When should we come in?

Our normal hours are:

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 11pm

Saturday: 10am - 11pm

Sunday: 10am - 10pm

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a specific type of rock climbing that originated outdoors as a method for training.  Climbers would use their days off to practice difficult moves and strenuous sequences on boulders, using small pads and spotters for protection.  Eventually bouldering spurred off into its own subtype of climbing and with it has grown a very strong and dedicated group of athletes.  

Bouldering indoors consists of similar principles, but in a controlled environment.  Climbers free climb with no ropes or harnesses up to 18' using a state-of-the-art padded flooring system underneath them for protection.  Specific fall techniques are used when falling from heights to aid in injury prevention.  

Is there any rope-climbing at The Wall

Nope, we are an all-bouldering facility! We feel that bouldering is a better introduction to climbing because it requires less technical knowledge of gear and focuses more on proper climbing technique. Come by and let a staff member show you how it’s done!

What to expect on your first visit

Never climbed before? No worries! Just come to The Wall Climbing Gym in San Diego, and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to help you out!  All new climbers receive a full tour of the facility, a brief introduction to gym etiquette, and a bouldering-specific fall training to keep you comfortable should you choose to push your limits!  

Most first timers choose to purchase a day pass but we offer competitive memberships as well!  A staff member can fill you in on all the details once you arrive!

Not here to Climb?

That's okay, you can't climb all the time!  We've got free WiFi and plenty of room to relax or get some work done while you wait for friends.  But remember, if you're here with kids, please keep an eye on them!