USAC Youth Local Redpoint Competition Registration

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USAC Youth Local Redpoint Competition Registration

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SESSION 1 AND 2 ARE SOLD OUT! 50 spots available for session 3.

PreRegistration Closes at 5pm on 11/17

We'll have 20 spots available for day-of registration but we recommend emailing if you plan on doing this.  

Competition Details

The Wall will be hosting a Modified Repoint Competition - for more details see the USAC rulebook 5.4.6 HERE or wait for the Climber Meeting!

We'll be offering 3 different climbing sessions, make sure to talk to your coach so you can climb with your team:

8am - 11am (session 1)

11am - 2pm (session 2)

2pm - 5pm (session 3)

Each session consists of 100 climbers - 80 available for preregistration ($55) and 20 for day-of registration ($65).

Remember to show up at least ONE HOUR before your session starts so you don't miss the climber meeting.  We have a tight schedule and can't guarantee a full climbing session for late-comers.  Doors open at 7am.

In case you still need your USAC membership you can register HERE - all competitors will need a season or day membership to compete.

We Need Volunteers to watch climbing lanes! Click below to help us out and save $5!

Route Setting Schedule

Tuesday - Slab and Upstairs closed at 8pm

Wednesday - Slab and Upstairs reopen at 4pm; Wave and Zig-Zag closed at 8pm

Thursday - GYM CLOSED


Saturday - Youth Local Competition day! Closed to the public until 5:30pm

Sunday - CCS Competition day! Closed to the public until 2:30pm

Please email if you have any more questions!